Rembrandt is located in La Barceloneta, one of the most colorful neighborhoods in Barcelona. It is the place where the sea and the land converge creating a place to live, eat, and of course, go partying.

The place is owned by Eric, a big and nice Dutch citizen. He said, with strong convictions, that this is the only place in Barcelona where you can eat truly Dutch food accompanied by the unique Dutch mayonnaise, sweeter and more yellow colored than the traditional one.

Here, I tried three dishes. First, some Bitterballen: they look and taste like meatballs and are made with beef, broth, flour, and butter. Then, I dived into some chicken Sate with salad and fried potatoes. And to top off the meal, instead of having a dessert, I ate more meat. I ordered a Frikandel Special, a typical Dutch sausage that, instead of being grilled or boiled, is fried. Most of the times, this sausage is filled with a mix of cow, pork and horse meat. Ladies and gentlemen, truly a meat bomb.

So, if you want to live a Dutch experience you have to come to Rembrandt and live a little bit of Holland in the heart of Barceloneta. The closest that Holland has been to the Mediterranean Sea.