Lanzarote is one of the 8 islands of the Canary archipelago, this is the southwesternmost point of Spain. Lanzarote is one of the closest island to the African continent.

In the South corner of the island there is a small town called Playa Blanca (white beach). It used to be a fisherman’s town, but with time it grew into one of the most tourist cities, full of big all-inclusive resorts.

The main natural attraction of this city is Playa Papagayo (Papagayo Beach). It is located in a natural reserve where you can get by walking 30 minutes from the city or by car on a dusty, stoney and hard road. (An hour journey). I recommend the walking tour.

I lived in this city for about 3 months so, as every city I move in, I had a really rusty old bike. I grabbed my faithful companion and my camera and the adventure was on.

The journey isn’t difficult, either on foot or on a nice bike. On my bike, with no suspension and almost no brakes, it was a real survival adventure.

You have to pass through other 3 beaches to get to Papagayo. But the journey is also the destination in this stoney and red landscape that reminds you to a Mars postcard.

Once you get there, you can see two small bars up on the hill with sea views and an amazing natural small bay with the bluest water I’ve ever seen. The place is quite peaceful because not everybody wants to do the walking. But it is really worth it.

That’s almost everything I can say about this place. Now, I will let my photos speak for me. Enjoy!